Arhiva | ianuarie, 2015

Snow White

4 ian.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror for about half an hour. I never noticed how curled up my eyelashes are until now. I once again acknowledged my skin imperfections thirty times in a row, though. The train was moving slowly towards the Capital, making its way throughout the glittering snow.

My mind was away. Flying around like a miniatural airplane, among the perfectly shaped snowflakes falling from the sky. A little spark ignited a fire in my heart. I looked to my right. A pair of cold eyes was scrutinizing the horizon. Or maybe the trees… Or maybe the snow… „Sometimes I wish you could read my mind.”

Yeah, sometimes I wish I could, too. But then again, who knows what I could find out… Maybe it’d be too frightening for me. Maybe reading your mind would be… destructive. But then again… Who knows?

We switched trains. This one made it a little warmer between us (or maybe it was the fried chicken, but we’ll never know). They say you only hate the road when you’re missing home. Home never seemed such an undefined notion for me. I only know that my home’s numbered four, but I long for one two six.

And afterall…you’re not only my wonderwall.