Arhiva | iulie, 2013


29 iul.

That moment when you’re sick to death of being in your skin just because of one person and you try to escape so far away that you lose yourself to the tears that promise to free you in an ocean of hope, filled with happiness more than with water and that’s to be your only world until you find your old cheerful side again, which is hanging there, somewhere in the sky of forgotten simple things that make me me.



17 iul.

I get 4 kinds of goosebumps :

1. When it’s cold outside.

2. When I’m turned on (when I like/love a touch).

3. When I’m happy (e.g. when I hear my favourite song in a shop, when I see someone I haven’t seen in a very long time -and missed them, of course, when I get what I want etc.)

4. When I’m sick to death.


God, I got 4 today in the bus. All was blurry, too damn hot around and my stomach was aching like hell. Purrrrrfect day !

Lights in your eyes

16 iul.

It’s the way you light up our world when you’re around.

Annoying is not the word anymore, I would rather go with fun, love and friendship. It’s not the same when you’re not here, we could all agree on that. Come here.

You smiling nasty giggling crocodile. We love you. Don’t you ever forget that, dear.


Look, here you are.

Legati la ochi prin oras

3 iul.