Arhiva | mai, 2013


31 mai

„Come here, I am drunk” he mumbled with a grave voice.

Actually, that’s his everyday voice, just this time it was a little more calm than usual. His tone was low and hopeful, unlike his everyday arrogant and selfish way of talking. He laid his head down on my shoulder as he put his long eyelashes together. I accidentally twitched and he got his head straight, looked into my eyes and begged : „No, don’t go, I need you here.”

We walked together for a while, as he was pulling from a cigarette.

Under the blanket there was no coldness. My feet were cold. I buried them into the sheets, along with my hands. I was shaking. On the other side, he was warm. He was the warmest body next to mine. He picked up my hands and  held them into his own. „I love your hands. They are so cold”. I looked at him in desperation. Why was he doing this ?

His feet gently wrapped around mine and got me warm. My head was laying on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. His perfume was overwhelming me. I  was just about to fall asleep when my phone rang. The whole magic…just flew in the air.

Back to him, I looked into his big black eyes. I rushed my hand through his soft hair and smiled. He smiled for a second and then stared into my eyes. And in that moment, I swear we were infinite.

I cuddled back into his arms. We were playing with our hands, feet, fingers. No one could’ve taken that moment away from me. No one. It felt so good. A smile, a glance, a whisper. These were all I needed. And I fell in love that night. Again.


P.S. The song has nothing to do with the text.

P.P.S. The text is just a story.

Summer nights 1

30 mai

It’s already summer in Las Vegas, folks !

So, I’m back from my U.S. trip and I’m totally dissapointed that I actually had to come here again… Vegas kidnapped my soul, I’m telling you. All those bright lights, loud people and  perfumes flying in the air. I wish Vegas would’ve never ended.

With people so drunk hanging onto you, hugging you in the mostly cute ways and telling you what they’re actually thinking, eating hotdogs day n night and recording and taking pictures of every square inch.

Nothing more to say. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Stupid girls – yes, again

12 mai

De data asta este vorba de aşa numitele „thigh gaps”, sau spaţiile dintre picioarele fetelor. Da, aţi citit bine; termenul se referă la o oarecare distanţă între coapsele modelelor şi, mai nou, între coapsele oricărei domnişoare în trend.
Părerea mea : C-E-T-Â-M-P-E-N-I-E ! Cum mă să vrei să fii crăcănată ?
Să fim serioşi, crăcănate si ix-ate ( dar în special crăcănate) sunt pe toate drumurile ; picioare drepte – mai rar. Apreciaţi ce aveţi.


Fara chef – cum sa-l si termini

9 mai



8 mai

Our English Teacher showed this to the class when I was 15. She asked us if we understood it. The only thing we figured out is how our eyes went from left to right again and again, as if we were watching a tennis match. We didn’t notice how carefully the title had been chosen.

It randomly came into my mind now. I get it now. They don’t love each other anymore. There is no love. 40 – love. Love equals 0 when keeping a tennis score. I suddenly realized…how sad the poem is. How does love fade away ? Why ? When ?

Scrolling on my tumblr dashboard, I found out this.

If this is true and all it’s meant to fade away, why do people marry, after all ? I found my answer in my parents. Not everybody is the same.